Eliminating a Hidden Page "Attribution" carried over from Another Theme

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    Hello Fellow Graphene Theme Users:

    I am creating my first web site, having just retired as a college professor of creative media writing and production. Using webhosting.com as my server and the Bold Grid front-end design portal, I first attempted to use Neo-Trend as my theme but discovered it wasn’t powerful enough to do what I need.

    So, I selected Graphene and the set up I’d already done in Neo-Trend was carried over into Graphene through the BG portal, which means this hidden page called “Attribution” came over but doesn’t show up on the BG design Dashboard Page sub-menu and it can’t be accessed via the Graphene options.

    I’m wondering if I need to pay a programmer a few shekels to get into the code and remove the page for me; I am not a programmer myself and feel this would be too much for a beginner like me.

    My thanks for any guidance. Warmly, Helen Harrison


    Kenneth John Odle


    That is just a WordPress page. You can try deleting it from the “Pages” pane of your WordPress backend. If you are using a custom menu, you will need to edit the menu to delete the link to that page.

    I’ve redacted your email address. All suppport is through the forum; posting your email address here will attract spam (eventually!).

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