Elements in Internet Explorer 9 not showing properly

  • vincentrade


    Hi, we have a problem 🙂

    We have these sites:




    They appear fine in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and on some handheld devices, but they fail in Internet Explorer. We tried in versions 7-9. The main problem is that the homepage footer widgets fall apart, but the footer part is also strange in IE 9. The widget headers also don’t appear coorrectly in Internet Explorer.

    In IE 7 the main picture that is positioned “out” of the post is also slipped away a bit.

    Some additional strangeness that the header image backround picture is also missing, and if you load the site frome a non-canonical domain, http://www.hairloss-stop.co.uk/ the header text loses its formatting.

    The Copyright text is aligned to the center, but only on the main page.

    Can someone give a hint what the problem is?

    Thank you.

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