Editing the HTML in Graphene yes or no?

  • dtvarnum


    I am a new user of Graphene. I have been using my firebug and CSS knowledge to develop my blog (www.solutionfocusgroup.com/dtv). I am wondering is it ok to add <divs> to the Html if I want say another block element. Also I am hoping to write a class for typography.

    I am trying to add the social buttons to the top of my blog. I currently have them turned off but would like to ad them back. They are turned off with a css statement.



    Get rid of your css statement turning them off.

    You can add them in the admin panel -> graphene options -> top bar options



    Thanks Josh. Should I be editing my graphene html? I’ll have to review your screen cast on using firebug or inpector to pin point my classes.


    Syahir Hakim


    No, you should not edit the theme’s files, be they html files, php files, css files, or js files, since whatever edits you make will be lost the next time you update the theme.

    You should use a child theme instead to make edits.

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