Editing CSS for h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags not working

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    We originally built our company site using the Graphene theme and are a big fan of the theme. We almost don’t even want to design our own theme because we like it so much. We installed the latest Graphene update but are having major issues with changing the CSS on header tags. We want to make all header have “font-weight: bold;” and entered this into the custom CSS field under Graphene options. This did not work so we attempted to enter this into the styles.css in the editor.

    My guess is that there is somewhere where the font-weight is set to “normal” for these items but we can’t seem to find out where this is.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Website is ‘Here



    We have the same issue, we are already thinking of reverting to the previous Graphene version.

    The older content looks just weird when wrong header formats are applied. http://snbchf.com

    The latest attempt was entering in the Graphene CSS options:

    h1 {font-weight: bold;}
    h2 {font-weight: bold;}
    h3 {font-weight: bold;}
    h4 {font-weight: bold;}
    h5 {font-weight: bold;}
    h6 {font-weight: bold;}



    seems that you “edit quote” does not work in the forum. Posts get duplicated


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use Firebug to isolate the exact elements you are trying to style.

    This should work:

    #header .header_title, #header .header_desc {font-weight: bold;}

    seems that you “edit quote” does work in the forum. Posts get duplicated

    Well, it works for me, as you can see. But I have a different set of controls than you do. Is there an actual “edit quote” option for you? If there’s an issue, we’ll try to get it fixed.



    If you want to just set font-weight: bold for header title and description, you can actually do it with Graphene Options itself. Graphene Options –> Display –> Text Style Options –> Header Text –> Title text weight and put bold. Same for Description text weight

    Is there an actual “edit quote” option for you?

    Actually EDIT and QUOTE are different options. Members can edit their post within a few minutes of posting. QUOTE options works differently. If you select some text of a post and click on QUOTE, it will be quoted in the reply area.



    Thank you Prasanna, but this is what I tried first but it did not work. I will try it again now. Does this “header” apply to all h1 to h6 ?


    Does this “header” apply to all h1 to h6 ?

    No, it applies for Site title and Description on header image only



    Try adding this to Custom CSS or in child theme style sheet.

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    font-weight: bold !important;



    No chance.

    The whole following text is h5. “Step1-6” are not set to bold manually, but the first sentence is set manually bold.

    If you look in the editor all of these sentences appear bold with the exactly same font like they should do.


    Take a look now on http://snbchf.com/eurocrisis/the-german-stance-on-the-euro-crisis/

    Do you see the different fonts ?

    My child style.css


    Theme Name: Graphene Child

    Theme URI: http://example.com/

    Description: Child theme for the Graphene theme

    Author: Your name here

    Author URI: http://example.com/about/

    Template: graphene

    Version: 1.0


    @import url(“http://snbchf.com/wp-content/themes/graphene/style.css”);

    /* Your modification goes here */

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {

    font-weight: bold !important;




    seems that you “edit quote” does work in the forum. Posts get duplicated

    I have just realized that when I am too quick (under 2 minutes) in editing a post, the system displays a reply instead of editing it.

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