Editable area is too small!

  • pinkcarrot


    Hi Everyone,

    This may be a silly question, but for some reason when I am editing my pages or posts now, the editable area has shrunk so it’s really narrow and I can’t see what I’m doing!! It’s not to do with the length, because that’s set to 30 lines down, it’s the width! It’s now so small it can only fit 2 words on each line, so I can’t really see the layout etc. I’ve attached an image here that I loaded to the site so you can see what the problem looks like!

    I’m sure it’s a quick fix and I’ll feel stupid after I find out how to do it! Can anyone help??

    Thanks in advance!







    Hmm.. my image isn’t showing for some reason…

    Anyways, I hope you’ve understood what I mean!

    Prasanna SP


    Please search in the forum before creating another thread next time. Most of your questions may have already been answered by the volunteers. Here is the solution for your question – https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/version-181-edit-page-is-one-character-wide#post-27210



    Thanks Prasanna,

    I usually do search for other related threads but I didn’t remember to this time! Thanks again

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