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    I am using this theme on one blog and want to use it on an older blog that has some different features and customizations set up on it. Is there anyway I can set it up and make the changes without activating it on the existing blog, I want to move in all the different things I have on this blog before I permanently change to this theme, but I don’t want to make the changes from the file manager. I’d like to be able to make changes and test it before I actually activate it on this older blog so that I don’t have lots of problems and loss of functionality. Is there some way I can do that? Thanks.



    Kenneth John Odle


    I would use a child theme. Then you can just transfer the relevant folder and its associated files over to the new blog and activate it.

    I always keep another blog I call “test” just so I can try out things without messing up one of my regular blogs. It’s my own personal sandbox. Using a child theme there makes it easy to transfer theme settings over to another blog.

    Keep in mind that if you use this approach, you will still have to change over some WordPress settings by hand.

    Good luck and welcome aboard,




    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the information. I looked at the info on your blog, and I am confused about how exactly the child theme works. I don’t have many customizations outside what can be changed using the interface provided with the graphene theme. I have my own header I want to use, plus I want to pick what goes on the menu, plus I want to set up my sidebar like it is on my existing blog (my aweber forms, search, and to have widgets set up and in the order they are currently on my existing blog), plus I want all the settings that are on my current blog carried over.

    Is a child theme the best way to go if that is all I need to do? I’d really just like to be able to “activate” the graphene them and make all the changes without having it go live before the changes are all made. I experimented with making changes on my new blog that is using this theme so I know how to make those changes through the interface provided. I do like the idea of a test blog. Would creating a test blog on another domain name I am not yet using to make all the changes there work? Then I could copy in the files from that. With a child theme, can I do that same sort of thing? Can I “activate” it to make all the changes directly from the interface provided with the graphene theme and then move the theme in? I’d rather make the changes using the interface provided than by messing with all the files. I can handle a few cuts and pastes in the code, but that is about it.




    Kenneth John Odle



    One thing I forgot to mention is that if you go to “Graphene Options” there is an “import/export theme options” widget. This is kind of experimental (I think), but I have tried it a couple of times. If you use a test blog or an offline blog to get things the way you want, you could export the theme options and then import them into the new blog.

    I’m not sure about header and background images, because those are more of a WordPress function. You might have to add them in afterward. But just about everything else should transfer over.

    Worth taking a look, I think.




    Hi everyone.

    I had a blog using Graphene theme hosted on 000webhost. All of a sudden they suspended my account saying that my site exceeded their CPU usage limit.

    I moved my site, but i want to know can i restore my old Graphene options somehow? I didn’t make an Export for Graphene, but I still have access to my old publichtml folder. Can I restore from there?

    Another thing. Can someone provide a link where a full desctiption can be found about how to create and how to use a child theme.

    Thank You.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I still have access to my old publichtml folder. Can I restore from there?

    I believe the settings are actually stored in the MYSQL database. Do you still have access to that?

    Can someone provide a link where a full desctiption can be found about how to create and how to use a child theme.

    I am working on that. In the meantime, try out this page from the Graphene wiki:


    and this page from the WordPress Codex:


    You will need to use FTP.





    Thank you Kenneth.

    Yes, I have access to MySQL. Can you describe what I need to do?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Unfortunately, no. I only know enough about MYSQL to really mess things up. (This is the voice of experience you hear.) But you can try this search on the WordPress Codex. Good luck!




    Ok, Ken. Thanx anyway.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Definitely look through the forums at the Codex, though. You can’t be the first person in this situation, I’m sure.

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