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    New member here. I was introduced to this theme when I took over for another web designer.

    She is not being very helpful so I’m having to figure all this stuff out myself.

    My apologies if this is a repeat question. I’ve searched and searched the forum but couldn’t find exact directions.

    I want to edit the copyright information in the footer. It says “hosted by PB Parrot Designs” and I need to change that. I’ve looked in the editor files (sidebar.php, footer.php, etc) and can’t find where to edit this anywhere. The footer widget has nothing in it.

    Here’s the site: http://www.alachuabusiness.com It’s at the bottom left.

    Many thanks and I do like working with this theme so far.




    Never mind! I found it under “Footer options” under the “graphene options”. I searched “copyright” after posting the above question and found this post that helped.





    Kenneth John Odle



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