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  • garyc



    Pretty pleased with my site so far, http://www.hackneytools.com and very pleased with Graphene, it’s an excellent theme.

    As I also sell on eBay, I wondered if it’s possible to show current eBay listings in a widget on a chosen page on my

    site? I searched the forum, but not much on eBay. Is there a plugin that works very well with Graphene? I don’t mind

    if I have to pay a small amount for one.

    Thanks guys




    Syahir Hakim


    See if any fits your needs here:




    Thanks Syahir.

    I didn’t word this very well. What I meant was, as you’ve developed the theme, have you become

    aware of a particular plugin that people are using successfully with Graphene? I know that some

    plugins seem very troublesome, not particularly with Graphene, but just generally, so ideally I’d

    just start using one that’s tried and tested?

    Don’t worry if you’re not aware of a particular one, I’ll wade through the various forums and

    try yo see which one has a good rep.



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