Easy options to change Heading styles or at least the font

  • JoeGP


    While updating to 1.9.3 i noticed that the heading style changed (to Pontano Sans 18px) so i went to the Graphene options tab to change them, but there are no options for it, there is one to change the header text though, which i’m sure not a lot of people even have showing (none of the 40+ websites i made has).

    Could we have an option for that instead ? even if it’s not for each Heading size (H1, H2, H3…), just a general one, like all Headings use this font, size and the rest could stay the same.

    I know you can do that with custom CSS but that is not very user friendly and seeing as Graphene is one of the most user friendly customizable themes i thought it should include options for that as well.

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