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  • Eja


    Using graphine on an internal project. We have posts with different categories relevant to different locations.

    I would like to dyncamically filter the posts returned on the home page so that if you are accessing from an ip address in range A you only see posts relevant to location A.

    You would then be able to see any other locations posts with the standard category filters.

    What’s the best way of doing this?



    Rather than trying to completely rewrite the theme, why don’t you organize your posts into categories? (department A, department B, etc.)

    Then, all the user has to do is click on their relevant department (which you can create a custom menu for), which will only display posts marked as that category.



    Have the posts in categories already, want to force which ones they see. However I have got a solution now with some customisation of the categories page (function from another post). Should be able to easily redirect into the right category page now based on IP detected.

    thanks for the response!

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