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  • Rosy


    Hi folks,

    I love the graphene theme – but I am having some issues with the marketpress plugin. I’ve been able to solve some of these on my own but there are a few that I would love some help to resolve (this is the 3rd ecommerce plugin I’ve tried with graphene – and the first to look pretty decent with some styling glitches – i am committed to keeping this for the ecommerce plugin since it has great functionality).

    test site:


    I have a child theme in place so I usually add css to modify styling and don’t know my way around WP that well so I don’t really understand complicated recommendations (ie: “hooks”).

    Problem #1 – Individual Product Categories are displaying an extra image that pushes content over – they take the image from the first product to use as a “category thumbnail” – if I hide that with some code it also hides the featured images in my post archive pages which I don’t want.

    the code that was suggested but is hiding my post featured images:

    body.tax-product_category .product_category, .excerpt-thumb img {

    display: none;


    image of issue is:


    any help is appreciated!

    Thanks, Rosy


    Kenneth John Odle


    How about just

    .tax-product_category .excerpt-thumb {display:none;}



    yes! thank you so much Kenneth – that worked perfectly

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