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    Hello everyone…

    My site is currently displaying a ‘duplicate header’ when viewed in IE8. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


    Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    um…don’t use IE8?

    Other than that, it’s probably a plugin that is not entirely compatible with IE8. What was the last thing you did before you noticed this, plugin-wise?



    Hey Kenneth,

    To be honest, I also don’t use IE8 so I wouldn’t have a clue when the error started. I just came across this error by accident

    All other browsers work fine.



    Very strange indeed. I haven’t cracked open IE in quite some time… but it’s doing the same thing to me as well. The first place I would start is deactivating all my plugins to see if it might be a plugin conflict.

    Once you have done this, empty any cache used by IE, and re-view your site.

    Is it still duplicating the header with all plugins deactivated?



    Hi Josh,

    I deactivated all the plug-in’s and that didn’t fix the error…



    Have you done anything to alter the header.php file? (action hook, edit the file, or alter it in any way)



    All fixed now…

    I had a “Header” action hock active that had some code in it. I must have not entered the code correctly.

    Thank you everyone for you help 🙂




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