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    Since upgrading to 3.3, the slider duplicates slides/posts. Also, latest posts at the bottom of the page are duplicated. Only the first & last post are the same.

    Slider: Slider Options is set to: Show latest posts, number set to: 15 posts. The first slide image and post content is the same as the last slide image and post content. The most recent post is missing completely. The second through 15th slides/posts are correct.

    Current posts at the bottom of the page: Home Page Panes, Type of content is set to: Latest posts, number set to: 2. This looks like the same problem as the slider. When set to 4, the first and last displayed are the same. Number 2 through 4 are correct. The most recent post is missing.

    I determined that the Wishlist Member plugin is the culprit. Deactivating the plugin fixes the problem. The question is why? Has anyone else had this problem?

    Graphene theme version: 1.5.6.

    Site URL: http://portablefarm.com/farm/

    Thanks in advance for your help!




    Wow. Excellent use of the Graphene Theme!! (Another we should add to our “Best Theme Customizations” list… (Oh wait, we still don’t have that yet…)).

    Ummmm, I honestly have zero experience with the Wishlist Member Plugin. Is the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.3? When was the last update made to the plugin?

    It’s possible this could be a jquery conflict, as the slider is primarily jquery, but that doesn’t explain the duplicated posts. However, you mention it’s the same behavior as the slider… so, maybe it is??



    I won’t take credit for the design of the site 🙂 The owner wants it that way.

    As for the problem at hand, it’s a bit perplexing because I don’t think Wishlist is loading any jquery. But, when I deactivate Wishlist the problem disappears.

    WordPress is current, Wishlist is current and the theme is current. I would think that someone else is having this problem if Wishlist and Graphene aren’t playing nice with each other.



    Is WishList a paid plugin? Perhaps they might have some experience with the same issues you are having? I wish I could be of more help. Maybe other members will chime in eventually.



    Wishlist is a premium plugin. But, I think they’ll say it’s a problem with the theme. Since the site is live and a membership site I can’t just play around with it to try different possibilities.

    What file contains the code for the slider?

    Thanks for your help!


    Kenneth John Odle


    What is Wishlist for? What does it do? I can’t find it in the WordPress plugin repository (plugins that have been checked for malicious code and approved by the WP team).

    Wishlist is a premium plugin. But, I think they’ll say it’s a problem with the theme.

    I’m afraid this is probably the case, and all too true of “premium” (i.e., paid) plugins — the problem is never with their code. It gives me a headache just thinking of working with them.

    The code for the slider is, I believe, part of the jQuery pack that comes with Graphene.



    Wishlist Member is a membership plugin. It’s widely used and well supported.

    I found the code for the slider in functions.php. I don’t see anything that would cause this problem. I tried a couple of mod’s without success.

    I think I’ll have to recommend to the client that we put the site into maintenance mode so I can try another theme with a slider to see if it’s just Graphene. I could also try more mod’s to the slider code. There are filters being applied which I haven’t figure out yet.



    Question: What does this filter do on/for the Home Page Panes: graphene_homepage_panes_args?

    This is part of line 2455 in functions.php.



    Luckily, I was contacted by someone who is experiencing the same problem but with a different theme. It appears that Wishlist Member is the culprit. The owner of the site said that deactivating Wishlist fixed his problem.

    Take a look at the slider on the page. The first and last post are duplicated. Here’s the link: http://nativefrenchspeech.com/?page_id=526 . The site is using a WooThemes theme.

    I submitted a trouble ticket to Wishlist.

    Thanks for your help!

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