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    I am building a new website (my first) using WordPress, PowerPress and Graphene. I had everything set up and working correctly. Last night I took the final step of purchasing media hosting at Blubrry, then integrating it with my WP site. Afterward, I noticed that my podcast posts are now displaying two “Podcast: Download” links, except the second (appears directly below the first) is not a live link, it’s just a copy of the text. The duplicate download text appears in the category view as well, but not when the post is displayed on its own page, then everything displays correctly.

    I’ve tried changing every setting that I can find, but I can’t get things back to the way they were. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling PowerPress to no avail. Then I tried switching my theme to Twenty Eleven and that worked, no more duplicate download text. It appears that something in the Blubrry integration process triggered something in Graphene to create a duplicate of the download text. I could try uninstalling and reinstalling the theme, but I might create a lot of work for myself and still not fix the problem.


    My site is at


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    Did you add a shortcode to embed the PowerPress link in your posts? I just tried the plugin and it’s working correctly on my development site, i.e. no double links. Perhaps also you could tell us your PowerPress settings?



    I only used a short code once as an experiment to find out what it is and how it would work for embedding a video player in a text post. As soon as I saw that it worked, I deleted the post.

    I’m guessing that for a non techie guy like me, deleting and reinstalling the theme will probably be the easiest – assuming that deleting it actually removes whatever file or database entry got the second copy of the text inserted into it.

    Nevertheless, my current PowerPress settings are…. Well, come to think of it, there are a lot of settings in PowerPress, so I decided it would be easier to save the PowerPress settings page as an HTML file, then upload it to my WordPress media folder at this address (it opens in by browsers and all 7 of the settings tabs work):

    For an audio player, I’m using the HTML5 option with a custom graphic for the play button and a fall back to the Flow Player for flash. I also have the PowerPress MP3 Tagging option turned on to automatically tag uploaded files.

    I also set up a custom Podcast Channel in PowerPress. I did it just as a test to see what it is and how it works. I did a test post using it, but now I want to delete that channel, but PowerPress won’t let me – it says there is a post associated with it (which I deleted) so I can’t delete the channel. Nevertheless, I set up that channel several days before I remember the duplicate download link showing up, so I doubt there’s a connection there.



    I have the same problem.

    Podpress Media Player settings >>>>> Graphene behavior

    Top of post & excerpt checkbox CHECKED>>>>>> player and TWO sets of links in excerpt (one set is on two seperate lines)…. player and ONE set of links in post (correct) ………………………… ExcerptCHECKED.png

    Top of post & excerpt checkbox NOT checked >>>>>>>>>>>>>> one set of links on excerpt (no player) …. player and ONE set of links in post (correct) ……………….. ExcerptNOTchecked.png

    Disable podpress player & excerpt checkbox CHECKED >>>>>>>>>>>>>> nothing on either

    Disable podpress player & excerpt checkbox NOT checked >>>>>>>>>>>>>> nothing on either

    I’m 99% that extra set of links is from the Graphene Theme as when I toggle the tag in Graphene Settings “Retain these HTML tags in excerpts” it responds to that (activates / deactivates the link in BOTH of the top scenarios).



    FYI, the excerpt I’m referring to is a PRIVATE post (Mp3 Test post) above. You won’t see it on my site yet.

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