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  • jfryett


    How can I make my widget just a “tad” bit wider to fit 300px. Some of my affiliate banners I fill in there go over the edge slightly, but not by much. I am not too css savy, so don’t know if this can be done without messing anything up. I am sure this is in a thread somewhere, but I don’t have time to search every page……sorry. Here is my site link:




    Kenneth John Odle


    Use Graphene’s column width feature in the Display Options.



    I did that and there was no change. I even bumped it up to an extra 25 px and it didn’t even budge.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You need something like 50px. Did you remember to hit save



    Yes, I did hit save and went even higher than the 50px. I will retry to 60px more and see what happens.


    Syahir Hakim


    Post a screenshot of your column width settings please so that we can take a look. As it is, there isn’t any additional CSS being printed on your pages, which should have been there if the column width settings are modified. Are you using any type of caching plugin?



    how do i post a screen shot?////no plugin that is caching that i know of.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use a screen capture app like Greenshot: http://getgreenshot.org/

    And then post it to imgur.com. Click on the resulting image, and wrap the image url in [img] tags.

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