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  • rodeboy


    Hi, I’m putting together a site for my son’s football team at http://www.rocklandsyouthfc.co.uk

    It’s in it’s very early stages still, but there appears to be a slight issue with the dropdown menu. Have a look at ‘The Teams’ in the Navigation bar which, on hover, drops and shows the different teams. However if you try to go any further than the Under 9’s the dropdown list disappears.

    Any thoughts please? Many thanks as ever,




    Hi there Chris,

    I had the same problem a couple of days ago when the new WordPress update came out. If you insert this code your custom CSS which is found in appearance > Graphene options> display and the custom CSS will be down the bottom.


    #nav, #nav ul {
    z-index: 20;




    Thanks very much – I would never have sussed that one out myself!


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