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    Please help! My drop down menus have suddenly disappeared but it doesn’t matter what browser you are in. It must have to do with something else and I cannot determine the problem. I have cleared out everything and disable all plugins. Any other suggestions? Did I accidentally select something somewhere? I have been building this site for a couple of months now and one of the reason we picked Graphene was because of the menu options.

    Thanks Lisa.



    So I figured out the dropdown menu feature only works when the header menu option is left blank, meaning I cannot choose the WPlook Main Menu or a custom menu. The problem with that is if I leave the header menu option blank then the items/pages I have placed in the footer menu show up in my header menu as well. Please tell me there is a way to correct this problem.


    Kenneth John Odle

    meaning I cannot choose the WPlook Main Menu

    Is this a plugin to create drop down menus? If so, it really isn’t needed. Just use custom menus for all of your menus.



    Thank you but it doesn’t matter what menu I use, even the custom menu, I still have the same problem…the dropdown menu does not work. The dropdown menu ONLY works if I do not select a menu and leave it blank. Then I have the secondary problem. This secondary problem happens when I do not select a menu. This problem is that and ALL pages created without a “parent page” show up in the main menu which I do not want. Cna you please help?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Have you altered any theme files?



    Only the footer.

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