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    Hi All

    Great forum 🙂

    I am in need of some help, I have made a drop down menu here


    All links work fine, but for some reason, when I click on all the top drop down links, so the titles of each menu for example, that takes me to a page that shows the pages within that drop down which is what I want, but when I click on ‘Touring Bike Holiday’ it takes me to a blank page? can anyone let me know what i’ve done wrong and how I get that link to display all the pages within that drop down like the others?

    Thanks 🙂





    Please use link button with care 🙂

    Did you check your parent/child settings on each page. If you not using custom menus, theme displays list of parent pages with child pages in sub-menu. Parent pages=”titles of each menu“, “pages within that drop-down“=child pages.

    So assign page “Touring bike holliday” to be parent to each of these pages: “Eastern Agave“, “Western Agave” etc.

    I hope you understand what I’m saying.



    Hi, thanks, and sorry about the link.

    I have done this, and it is set as Parent for these pages, but for some reason is still not displaying like the other parent pages when I click on it in the menu? It just shows a blank page? really not sure what has gone wrong?





    Are you sure that “Touring bike holliday” is a page? It would have to display title even if it’s empty.

    Check your setting on Graphene Options/General/Child page options/ …


    Kenneth John Odle


    Link is fixed.



    Hi, yes it is a page, and is showing in my pages menu. This is why I am not sure why it is not displaying as the others are displaying?

    I have checked my child page options and it is ticked if parent box is empty not to display, so really not sure why it is not working?



    Hi, is anyone able to help with this, I’m really stuck as to why the drop down is not doing as it should on the first menu on my site?

    Thanks for the help so far 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    Try deleting that page and create a new page, then reassign the child pages to the new page.



    Thanks, have done that and that seems to have fixed it, odd? Thanks for the help though 🙂

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