Drop Down categories AND Dynamic page

  • ulrika


    1. How can I get the categories across the bottom of the header to be drop down menus? For instance category could be colors, with drop down red, blue, green etc.?

    2. I am looking for a way to add a dynamic page for a “Contact Me” page. Dynamic maybe the wrong word. What I need is a form a user can fill out and click “send” and have that form sent as an email to me.

    I have looked at a bunch of wordpress plugins, but have not found one I like. It would be a pretty simple form with fields for the senders Name, email address and a few radio button selections and a message box.

    Aside from a bit of html, I know very little about coding….very little!

    Any tips?




    Syahir Hakim


    I would suggest the Contact Form 7 plugin. Been using it myself.


    Syahir Hakim


    As for the menu, you would have to manually define the menu using WordPress’ Custom Menu feature.

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