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    I am looking to have my main menu as a drop down box. I believe this is different than a drop down menu (which is a way of doing submenus). Imagine a simple box inside of which shows the name of the current page (in this case a city) and when you click on it, you can choose between different pages/categories. Effectively, I am trying to create a localization of my home page by city and am thinking it is best to do that with separate pages for SEO and better ability


    mysite.com/boston – the code on the page will pull up info from the database relevant to Boston.

    mysite.com/newyork – the code on the page will pull up info from the database relevant to New York

    Haven’t quite decided what to do with the root mysite.com page. It could just be a selector page for the different cities or it could redirect to the most popular city. Where someone could select away. If it was a selector page, maybe the box would simply say “Select City” or something.

    Not sure what the box would say when looking at a static page such as our FAQ, Privacy Policy, etc. If it was showing the name of the page, I guess it would have to show that page, but would probably prefer it say something like “Select City” or stay on the prior city.

    Am I making sense? Is this possible with graphene/wordpress? Easy?

    Any thoughts on best practices with this type of stuff



    Kenneth John Odle


    This is possible in the sidebar using the Pages widget. (Or the Categories widget, if you prefer.)

    You could try using a Graphene action hook to insert one of those widget into the menubar.



    @Kenneth – thank you. So I got the basics working using a widget called flexipages which can be easily dropped into an action hook. I ran into the issue, however, I am thinking that I shouldn’t be doing this as pages, but as part of the taxonomy. Basically, I am thinking I need to create a global variable, say $Current_City. I would then have a drop down box that would display $Current_City. Upon Clicking the Dropdown box (maybe using javscript if I must), there would then be a choice between Boston, New York. Whatever was chosen would be entered into $Current_City. I wouldn’t have a Boston or New York page at all, but just include $Current_City in the taxonomy search of the database for what comes up. I think this would allow a two factor search so that, say, I wanted someone to see, say, hotels in Boston when Boston was in the dropdown and they clicked the Hotels Menu, a list would come up showing only hotels in Boston.

    So I have the concept in my head, but no idea on how to go about programming it. Any thoughts? Plugins or code out there that would help?



    Syahir Hakim


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