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  • rleonard


    First off great theme, it’s really appreciated. My problem is on the main page right under the slider the most recent post always appears twice right after each other. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Admittedly I am new to WP and themes.



    Try make one more post 🙂




    I have tried to add more posts. At the moment, I have four posts in total (two are tests)and still the most recent post displays twice.. Any thought?



    Hmm. Maybe the facebook plugin in posts.

    Are there any settings for this?

    Then again what have You written in permalink?




    Ok, makeing some headway…It was the facebook plug in “Facebook Comments for WordPress” there is a setting for adding a like button on every post on the front page. If I allow it to put a like button there it repeats the most recent post twice, if I remove it (from the front page only IE still leaveing it on the post ind page) it’s fine. Wierd part is, I have tried prob 10 different themes and Graphene is the only one that seems to have an issue??? Any thought on either a ‘supported’ FB like/comments addon or a tweek I could apply to my child theme to stop this behaviour and keep the like button om my front page?

    for ref the only code in my child theme now is as follows

    .entry-content img{border:none;}

    .featured_slider #slider_root { height: 180px;}



    same problem here. i started using facebook comments for wordpress like button instead of addthis and i started getting double posts. turning it off for the front page eliminated the issue, but now i have no like button on my front page. i would like to see this issue resolved, as i need this specific plugin and love graphene for my theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    I have not been able to ascertain the cause of this bug. I have also contacted the author of the plugin to work together on resolving this bug, but so far I haven’t gotten any reply yet.

    Maybe you guys can add weight to my request to the author?

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