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    Hi, I’m having a slight problem.

    In a parent page there are given a couple of child pages, and an excerpt from their contents. One of them has a picture which is displayed twice – once as a featured image I think, and the second time as a part of the excerpt.

    Is there a way to solve this effect?



    What’s the url to where this is happening?



    Here’s the link:

    The same thing doesn’t seem to be a problem in the English version of the same thing (although I recall having used the same procedure to create it):

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    Probably not a good solution, but it works.

    .child-page .excerpt-thumb img {
    display: none;



    I was also using an Excerpt plugin. What I eventually did was to turn off the markups.

    This way the image isn’t showing anymore.. (only the featured one does, which I don’t mind). This might not be the perfect solution but it’s still one..

    Not sure which markups I can keep and which ones I shouldn’t but a bit of experimenting should do it..

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