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    On for example I notice double lines in the navigation menu. How can I realize that? Thanks!



    That is a secondary menu. You can do a LOT by spending some time in the custom menus section of the admin panel.

    Create a new custom menu, and add it to the “Secondary Menu” selection under “Menu Locations”. You can use posts, pages, categories, and more.

    Ken has a great tutorial for “getting to know” custom menus:




    I actually meant the double lines in the primary menu. In the example you see “Welcome” as a second line under “Home”.

    Do you know of a simple way to do that?

    Thanks again!




    That is a menu description. You can enter them into your custom menu posts/pages via the custom menu screen.

    NOTE: You might have to click the “screen options” at the top right of the custom menu page to enable all the specific options for menu items.



    That’s it! The NOTE did it…

    Do you maybe also know how to center the description-line?

    Now it’s aligned to the left:



    I actually already managed to do so with adding a class in the custom menu’s and defining that class in my .css in the childtheme.

    .centreer {



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