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    Okay, how about an option to NOT show a newly created post on the home page. I still would like the post to be visible within it’s parent category archive page… and also all tags to link to it… but just not have it appear in the “running” on my home page.




    Publishing to an older date would be a dirty solution.. But it works! 😉



    Yes, yes… that would work. Definitely a great solution for the time being. Thank you, Prasanna.

    However, I wouldn’t mind seeing this as an option in a future update.

    What if I wanted to create a blog category, only accessible via a menu. I would not want ANY of the posts in that blog category showing on the front page. I like the idea of having friends and family posts on the front page, and then having all my wordpress and tech stuff still available, but not showing on the front page.

    I suppose I could just create a new domain… and keep two separate websites.

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    Kenneth John Odle


    Static front page + Kalin’s post list plugin, maybe?

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