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    I just started with the Graphene Theme which seems to suit my needs the best. I still have some of the default pages which came with the theme, in particular, the “Blog” page where it says “To add blog posts click on Posts – Add New in the WordPress Dashboard”. I did just that but none of the post show up on that page. As a matter of fact they don’t show on any page at all. Can somebody help me? Thanks.



    Did you set to show a static frontpage on homepage? If so, you would need to create a blank page and set it as Posts Page in WP-Settings –> reading Settings. That page will show recent posts.



    Thanks this worked but created another problem. I have set limitations for my widgets with “Widget Logic Visual” making sure that certain widgets are not displayed on a particular page. Now, after creating this “Posts Page” all widgets are displayed on this page, irrespective of the limitation which I set. I don’t want the widgets to appear on this blog page. Is there another way to eliminate them?

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