Does not Upgrade to 3.5

  • Panos Karakontakis


    Hello I am using Graphene theme at two sites currently. and Until now I was waiting the Greek version of WordPress 3.5 which was released yesterday. At the upgrade was done properly but at it doesn’t upgrade. When I press Upgrade it does nothing.

    Any ideas?

    Should I enable the Debugger to find errors?

    Prasanna SP


    Disable ALL plugins and try to update. If that fails, keeping all plugins disabled, switch to default twentyeleven theme and try to update.

    Panos Karakontakis


    I tried all the above. Still doesn’t Upgrade.

    Panos Karakontakis


    Should I try to upgrade manualy?

    Prasanna SP


    Change language to default English and try to update. Yes, turn on debug mode and report issues if any.

    Check for directory writing permission problems. If nothing resolves the issue, you may do a manual update.

    Panos Karakontakis


    I dont know why but it doesn’t seem to display any notices or errors when I enabled the “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);” Also I changed the Language to English but still nothing. It doesn’t want to be upgraded.

    Any Ideas?

    I’m stuck.

    Panos Karakontakis


    Ok it has been Upgraded Finally. Thanks for the Advises.

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