Do not want any comments. Disable Leave a Reply completely.

  • dickdunlop


    I need to disable Leave a Repy

    I have so far

    removed everything from Screen options in every page/post.

    removed from display options in graphene options

    total unchecked everything in settings/discussion

    and it’s still there on every page………….

    location is:



    Graphene Options –> Comments Options –> Commenting –> select Disabled Completely (Save Options)



    I have been working on this problem non stop now for four hours.

    I created a child them and a new functions.php with the info from

    But unfortunately Post Comment still there, so I copied contents of comments.php and held them in renamed folder then deleted comments.php content completely and it’s working….

    If I have further problems I will revert and suffer comments



    Why are you doing all those circus? Just select Disabled Completely in Graphene Options –> Comments Options –> Commenting



    Thanks for that, I was following an old post By Khairul-syahir blog.



    For disabling “the response link” go to the in line 1621 or paste this code in your child-theme :

    #comments p.comment-reply-link {

    font: normal 0px arial;}

    Where the size font is zero instead of 11px.

    It works perfectly without having any headache !!!

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