Do imported images have an editable padding?

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    As you can see from the two sceenshots, in EDIT mode the text is close to the bottom of the two images. [img][/img]

    Save and publish and the text moves down 4 or 5 text lines. Why am I getting this space?

    Is there a padding for imported images like when we import a text box in to MS word?



    Sorry, unless I can upload a screenshot from my computer I can’t show you what my home page looks like in EDIT mode. Where I entered the URL here there is a question mark.

    Take my word for it, when in Edit mode the text is immediately beneath the two images. But as you can see from the published front page there is a greater gap between the first line of text after the images.


    Kenneth John Odle

    Where I entered the URL here there is a question mark.

    You entered a URL for a web page ( instead of a URL for an actual image. You’ll need to screenshot your issue, post it to your site or to, and then post the link to it here.

    I can’t actually identify your issue, because you have a placeholder in place of your homepage. This is like not letting the doctor take your blood pressure.



    Thanks for your reply, Ken.

    Had to laugh, only yesterday my GP was taking my blood pressure! Not sure how I have a placeholder where you say I have one. No idea how it got there.

    I have registered with The first image link is but the Direct link for it is:

    Sorry, not sure which link you needed so included both.

    The second image link is: and its Direct link is:

    I doubt very much that imgur will ever compete with Flikr and other online galleries. I had to wait ten minutes before I could upload my second image. A message appeared to tell me ‘You’re submitting to the gallery too quickly. Wait ten minutes’. And they weren’t kidding. It was a full ten minutes before I could publish my 2nd image. Wow! Back to the age of the old dial up network eh!

    Hope they eventually appear and you can understand my problem.


    Mike D



    In edit mode switch to code view and delete everything between images and text. Maybe something like <p>&ntsb</p>…

    It’s very hard to troubleshoot the problem without looking the actual code…

    Maybe you can copy/paste the code (from edit / code view) in so we can eliminate the excess of empty paragraphs.



    Many thanks for your reply,

    Luko. I’ve managed to resolve this by removing some of the code you suggested.


    Mike D

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