Do all child copies of all .php file have to go in the child theme directory

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    do I need to put the options.php and functions.php and the archives.php etc in my child theme diectory even if I have not made chages to them yet


    Syahir Hakim




    Ok I made my child theme because I didnt. want to lose 4 months of work when I upgraded to 1.5.4 of graphene. I asked a cooupld times what else I had to move or change. I followed the directions I thought good. No one ever said anything about have to write down every setting in admin. every link color evey widget 17 of them were all going to disapper even with a child page the new script is so different from the other version the header menu dosent even exist in my other version I couldnt reproduce the 17 widgets if I wanted to I was under the impression that the child theme would save your customaiztions. I spent days on mynav bar andmy old sttyle sheet there was no header-menuso it loads on top of my bar please help site is compltely down.


    Syahir Hakim


    Did you already made some changes to the theme’s files before you made the child theme? If yes, then of course those changes wouldn’t be transferred over. You would need to redo the customisations again using the child theme.

    When you switch to a child theme, only certain settings would be reset. These are the Custom Menu, Custom Header, and Custom Background. In the case of Custom Menu, you can just go to WP Admin > Appearance > Menus and reassign the custom menu again. This is just the way WordPress works. All other settings in Graphene Options should stay intact.

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