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  • matt3006


    Hello, I held back in upgrading to Graphene 1.6.2 because I did not have a good experience with 1.6.1 with display issues.

    I have several websites still on 1.5.6 and I am nervous about upgrading. I upgraded one of my websites: OwnerFinanceHomes.com. In Firefox 11, when I am logged in as Administrator, there is a white bar going across where the Social media icons are across the top. There is also a strange white underline when I go across the main menu options. IE9 and Chrome is fine. This does not happen on another machine with Firefox either.

    Does anyone have any insights on this?

    Also, can anyone explain the advantages and improvements of moving from 1.5.6 to 1.6.2? I normally like to upgrade but I get concerned of some of my higher trafficked sites becoming “broken”.




    Deactivate all plugins and try again.

    If the result is same,

    Disable all firefox extensions and try again.



    It appears there was a cache problem. Had to log out, reload page, then log back in. Very strange.

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