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    Hello Prasanna and excuse me for my english !

    My site is : http://www.modelisme-racer.fr/

    I want exactly what is on the drawing attached:


    A news item corresponds to an image and text in a small square. There are 2 square per lines and X news per page (X is definited in Options/Reading).

    When clicked, displays the news entirely.



    Thats what you’ll get when you use static frontpage and homepage panes. I think you’re defining “number of posts to display” (let it be X) in Dashboard–>Settings–>Reading. You’ve to use it when displaying Your latest posts in homepage. But if you want to have static frontpage and homepage panes, then select a Front page: in Settings–>Reading–>A static page (select below). Then Go to Appearance Graphene Options–>General tab–>Homepage Panes–>Then enter the number of posts to display (X) in Number of latest posts to display.

    If you give me some time, I’ll show you how to achieve this with screen shots.



    OK ! You are very friendly with me !!!



    @Alain RONK, Read this post – How to create static frontpage with Homepage Panes https://forum.graphene-theme.com/general-talk/how-to-create-static-frontpage-with-homepage-panes

    It is specially written for you!!! 🙂



    Hello Prasanna,

    Thank you for your post !

    It’s ok, but there is always a joke !

    After validation, the home button the menu disappears and the pager too.

    In addition, only the first six news show the pictures, not the other, it’s weird …

    It is not practical …, I have no chance…

    Anyway thank you sincerely for your help

    Best regards

    Alain RONK



    Hello Prasanna, how are you ?

    I searched all over the internet, and I do not know why the pager and photos (from the sixth news) disappear by validating the static page.



    Oh God! You’re killing me! Home and some other links in nav menu disappears because you’re not using custom menus! Go to “Dashboard–> Appearance–>Menus” and create custom menus and add whatever link you want to display in navigation bar. (this is a common issue- http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page#Navigation_Bars )

    And I didn’t understand what you are saying about six news or pictures.. Totally confused.. 🙁



    Hello Prasanna !

    See the file :


    I understood why some pictures do not appear in the news, it’s fixed!

    But there is no pager at the bottom of page to go to the following news…



    Hello Prasanna !

    I have an idea. My site is new and unknown in your country.

    If you have a lot of contact, can you broadcast my url to your friends to connect?

    Google links to reform, and it helps me to increase my visits to this region of the world.

    Excuse me for my english, it’s not easy for me.



    Now my site is translated in your language !!!

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