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    I need a little help : WordPress displays categories with the post, by default sorts them in alphabetical order. However it would be more logical for my blog to have them arranged in a hierarchical way.

    For exemple, under my title post I would like to have : Movies -> hitchcock -> Lifeboat, where “Hitchcock” is a child of “Movies” and “Lifeboat” in a child of “Hitchcock”.

    Instead, I have Hichcock, Lifeboat, Movie. (Since they are sort in alphabetical order.)

    I found this piece of code which should do want I want :

    $cat_Id = get_the_category($post->ID);
    $categories = get_category_parents( $cat_Id[0], TRUE, ' > ' );
    $title = get_the_title();
    printf( '%1$s <span>in %2$s</span>', get_the_date(), $categories . $title );

    My problem is that I have no idea where to put it… I tried to put it in the loop.php, single.php, archive.php… but nothing changed… :/

    Is anyone have an idea where to put this code? Or maybe this code is wrong… I’m not really good at PHP!

    Thanks fo any help!


    Syahir Hakim


    What you’re describing sounds more like a breadcrumb. You might want to try the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin.



    You can achieve that by editing the loop.php and loop-single.php files ( you can do it under WordPress dashboard appearance > editor or from cPanel)

    Search for

    <?php if ( ( $graphene_settings['hide_post_cat'] != true ) ) : ?>
    <span class="printonly"><?php _e( 'Categories:', 'graphene' ); ?> </span>
    <p class="meta_categories"><?php the_category( ", " ); ?></p>
    <?php endif; ?>

    there replace `

    <?php the_category( “, ” ); ?> with

    <?php the_category( ” > “,”multiple” ); ?>` and when you add the category you choose only the last child category in your case only Lifeboat

    and you will get Movies > hitchcock > Lifeboat

    Check my site to see how it looks anime13.tk

    <?php the_category( " > ","multiple" ); ?>

    the > is the separator beetween the categories you can put any separator you want

    I recommend you to create a child theme and do the changes there.



    Wow! That’s perfect! It is exactly what I wanted. Much easy than the way I was going to do.

    Thank you very much.

    Syahir, I’m also going to put a breadcrumb, I heard it’s good for SEO…


    Kenneth John Odle


    Keep in mind that if you edit theme files, you will lose your changes the next time the theme updates.

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