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    I am trying to disable the drop down menu. I still want to be able to use ancestors so that when you are on a child page the parent is still highlighted in the navigation menu. I simply am trying to keep the drop down of child pages from appearing when you hover over the navigation menu. Thanks for any suggestions!



    You can use custom css to hide the dropdowns:

    #nav .menu ul {
    display: none;

    However, you will probably also want to remove the little arrow icon that appears whenever ther are child pages.



    Thanks that was perfect. I already figured out how to remove the drop down arrow. I appreciate it!



    I didn’t take the time to look at your site before.


    It’s amazing what people do with this theme. There are some great customizations there!!

    I had to look at your source to make sure it was actually Graphene.

    This theme is unbelievable!! And you are unbelievable for customizing it to look like you have.

    I love how the navigation works. I was curious at first why you would want to hide child sub-pages in main nav. But, after clicking around your site… I see how it works. I REALLY like it.

    If you don’t mind… go over to the “Showcase” part of this forum and add your site over there. We don’t get a chance to visit the section much… but I want other Graphene users to see your site, and what is possible.

    I’m impressed. Keep up the excellent work!



    Thanks for the feedback, it is always good to hear what people think. I am glad you like it and I will definitely post this to the Showcase area.



    I also wanted to disable the drop down menu so many thanks for the CSS code but I am unable to work out how to remove the little arrow icon – can you please let me know the required CSS code thanks.

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