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  • kyungs


    Is there any way to disable the copy & paste function for my site? All of the text on our website is original content and I’d like to be able to inhibit some blatant plagiarism that’s been occurring. I’ve been searching online for a way to do this but everything I’ve found doesn’t seem to work. Any advice?



    You can use some plugins to inhibit right clicking and copy option. But, copycats are more intelligent than what we think! There is no way to prevent copying of site content..



    Thanks. I found a plugin that seems to at least disable the ‘easy way to copy’ so now when they steal it, at least they have to work for it.



    Yep.. the print screen can be a “content stealers” best friend.


    Syahir Hakim


    Just remember that whenever you add restrictions like this, you’re making it difficult for legit users to use your site as well. In the end you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it.

    Also, it’s not very difficult at all to circumvent the protection. I just did it with a few clicks.



    Thanks, Syahir, I can do it too. With my silly site, there isn’t any reason a legit user needs to right-click. I know the people that are copying my content and they can’t read source code to save their lives. They’ve already quit and unfortunately, I’m sure that they’re now likely copying some similar site’s content.

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