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  • kfranklin


    Is there any way to disable the author’s page http://www.example.com/author/nickname/

    or at least to disable the active link at author’s nickname? I dont want to hide the author (using the graphene options menu)


    Syahir Hakim


    Currently, no. May I ask why you would not want to display the author’s page though?



    Because unregistered users are able to post. As I wrote to my my previous thread, user’s (submitter’s) nickname is displayed under every post insted of the author’s (which is my second account-contributor). So the information under author’s page is useless, as ti would contain just every post on the blog under an author, that it doesn’t suppose to exist.



    I used a plugin to redirect the /author to the homepage and it works perfect 😀

    Thanks for the support and congrats again on this wonderfull theme!

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