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    I am looking to use the Graphene theme on my new site, can you only have 1 slider per site? I would like to be able to have the slider show posts based on the section your in. i.e. if you look at the washing page it shows posts tagged as washing, then when you look at the measurement page it shows posts tagged as measuring etc…..





    Hi Daniel,

    I do believe you can manipulate the graphene slider to show in different places, but I foresee a lot of “issues” when trying to display different content in different sliders using the default graphene slider.

    Instead, what I would do, is download a slider plugin you like, which allows the use of shortcodes. You will also need a plugin for displaying php widgets (for the conditional formatting).

    Now, in your slider plugin, create all the different sliders you want to display… giving each one a unique shortcode.

    Lastly, setup your action hook, php widget, and your conditional formatting… which will display a different slider depending on which page is displayed.

    Difficult?? Yes!!

    Impossible?? No!

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