Different page templates for blog and non-blog pages?

  • laurakaz


    Hi – how can I set my pages so that only the blog page has the widgets on the right side for “Archives” and “Categories”? Right now, I have temporarily put the “Pages”, “Archives”, and “Tag Cloud” widgets there because I thought the other ones looked terrible on non-blog pages. I tried to change the layout to full-width, but it won’t accept it; I click on it, but it just stays as is (two columns, with the smaller column on the right). My website is http://www.thenakednonprofit.com.

    Please keep in mind I am a beginner. I don’t know anything about parent themes or child themes or CSS or anything like that.

    Sorry to barrage you with questions! I appreciate all of your help and think Graphene is an awesome theme 🙂




    Ha! Finally found the answer under “Quick Edit”! Thanks anyway, as I know you were going to get around to it 🙂

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