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    I want to implement two different languages in the website I’m currently working on

    ( http://www.virtask.nl/wp ), the first being Dutch and the other English. The Dutch part works fine, but when I go to the English website (by clicking on the ‘English’ link in the top right of the screen), the same menu used in the Dutch is displayed.

    How can I create a different menu with different links that will be displayed when accessing the English website? I’ve tried working with templates, but I don’t understand much of it and I’m kinda stuck right now.

    Thanks in advance,



    Syahir Hakim


    You might want to use the WPML plugin for your multilingual needs. It has exactly the feature you want (i.e. different menus for different languages). However, I should caution you that it’s not free, though you can get an older, free version from the WordPress plugin repository.

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