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    Hi. First of all I would like to thank you for this great theme. Even though I didn’t installed, my predecesor did, I find it great. So having said that. I would like to ask you: I’m using qtranslate plug in (for multilanguage pages) and i wanted to know if there’s a chance to change the header img according to the lenguage of the page. Thanks in advance for your answer.




    Hi Diego,

    You would need to write a custom function… and execute it from a child theme. You could check for the existence of the ‘qtranslate’ plugin, to determine if the code needs to be executed.

    Also, you would need to determine how the ‘qtranslate’ is recognizing which language should be displayed. If you can “hook” into this, then you should be all set. You may need to contact the plugin devs, to determine if this is possible first.

    The last part would be hooking into Graphenes awesome “hook” system.

    It’s slightly complicated.. but definitely doable.




    It sound really complicated. I mean, I know what you’re taking about but I don’t want to mess with the functions of the theme. I guess I’ll find a way to keep the same img in every language. It’s way easier. Thanks very much for your answer my friend!!!


    Kenneth John Odle

    I don’t want to mess with the functions of the theme

    This is why you would use a child theme for this, because you can add functionality without editing the theme’s core. It’s easy, and the best way to modify a theme.




    new here and related to qtranslate: I would like to use it for my site in wp 3.6 version, but it deactivates itself because not tested on this 3.6 version yet. there are 2 options: reenable (may cause data loss, use at own risk) or there is a development version that one can download on the qtranslate webpage. what is the best way and if option 2 is better, how do I get the downloaded version in my graphene theme?


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