Different header image sizes in home and pages

  • Edugrig


    Hi there. I really don’t know if here is the correct place to put my doubt. Sorry if not.

    I’ve been reading the topics for some days but could not find an answer. I’m trying to setup a 500 px height image as home page header and a 170 px height as other pages header but have no success.

    I’m using a chid-theme. Turned on the option to featured image as header image in pages and tha’s ok But only if images are the same eight size.

    I Tryed do find an answer in wordpress codex bur have no idea if even is it possible.

    My site is: http://www.yci.com.br

    Thanks a lot.



    You can set the header height but I think all other pages with have the same height.



    Hello Venutius. I really think so. I’m still trying to solve the question but no progress yet!

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