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    I am trying to create a different footer for my site with a static home page with homepage panes enabled. Looking on the WordPress Codex, it appears that I should be able to add the following code to my index.php for the site:

    if ( is_home() ) :
    get_footer( 'home' );
    elseif ( is_404() ) :
    get_footer( '404' );
    else :

    This should then load the page, footer-home.php on the home page, but not on the other pages where the standard footer is in use. However, when I try this, nothing seems to happen. Am I putting the code in the wrong place? Does it matter that I also have the home page hidden in the child theme CSS using display: none; (so that it doesn’t interfere with the desired layout)?



    If you are calling the files footer-home.php and footer-404.php.. then these files need to be located in the root folder if your graphene theme directory.

    Are those files there?

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