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  • UDK450


    This may be a bit too technical, but I’m not sure. I decided I’d better ask before I screw anything up. In general, what I am looking to do is change the background of the posts on this page: http://fantasycraft.byethost13.com/site/?page_id=8 , to one of a scroll. However, this is not all. I also wish to somehow implement 3 pictures as the background. Together, in order, these pictures would form a scroll. The top picture would be the beginning of the scroll, the middle picture would be the middle part of a scroll (which will also repeat downwards), and the end picture would be the end part of a scroll. I understand this could potentially involve some complex stuff, but nevertheless, is it possible to do this? And if so, how? Thanks so much for your time!


    Syahir Hakim


    It is possible, but will involve some rather substantial amount of CSS coding, with a bit of PHP sprinkled in. Do you want only the post contents to have the scroll background, or the entire post (including the title, date, and categories, etc.)?

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