Difference in Slider Image when logged in as Admin

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    Help! I’m building a new site. I linked a new category to certain pages, then directed that category to the front-page slider by using code recommended here at this site – thanks.

    The problem: if I’m logged in as Admin and view my site (govstrategicsolutions.net/wordpress2), I see the image associated with page ENDORSEMENTS in the slider, however, if I launch the site simply using http://www.govstrategicsolutions.net/wordpress2 I cannot see the image. Any ideas?



    I’ll withdraw this question, maybe there is some sort of lag in the updates taking effect. I now can see the images (and other updates) even when not in Admin mode.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you using any sort of caching plugin? If so, you would see those changes only after the cache flushes itself.



    Yes I’m using wp super cache. I appreciate the insight. Happy Holidays.

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