Difference between Stack: Posts and normal Posts page

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    If i use the Frans Jozef Stack: Posts widget, the Infinite Scroll option or normal pagination doesn’t work. Infinite Scroll just loads the same posts again, so that they show up double and pagination doesn’t work at all. The links are there for pagination but nothing happens.

    On the Posts page, without any formatting or Stacks, both Scroll and pagination work.

    I am using a Static front page setup.

    Front page working scroll

    Test page Stacks not working

    Images look the same because they are featured.


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the report. We have discovered a bug in the Posts stack that renders the posts pagination not working in other pages if a static front page is being used. We have already fixed the issue and will be available in the next Stacks plugin update.



    Ok, thank you.



    Fixed with the update, thank you.

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