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    I’m building a website for a sex crimes attorney in Denver. This is my first attempt at any sort of site building ever as I have mainly blogged content on fluff websites. I am very new to CSS and html and such and after a review would appreciate some tips, though youtube is basically a daily occurrence in checking the ways to work stuff out.



    I really like your site. I know you are looking for tips but I need a tip from you…How did you get that image slideshow at the top? Did you the graphene slider or something else? How do you get it in the header area and also how do you make it not link to anything like you did. look at and my slider is below the header and it links to blog posts which I don’t like.



    I think the site is very clean and professional looking. Nicely done!



    really good……is there a tutorial where all possible modifications on this theme are explained?



    I would like to speak to you about the work you did here in Denver — can you call me at 303-627-7777?

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