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    The Site Title (WordPress General settings – Site Title) is used for the H1 of the homepage in Graphene. Since I want to use a custom H1 on the homepage, my question is how I can delete the default H1.

    I already tried to delete the Site Title, but that field is also used on other places, like the Title in the head section of the pages. So that’s not an option.

    I couldn’t find a thread with a clear solution. Hopefully somebody can help me out, thanks!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try this in your custom css:

    .home .post-title {display:none;}

    Not tested, ymmv.



    Thanks Kenneth for your answer.

    Problem is that I don’t want two H1’s on the homepage (for SEO reasons). By implementing the display:none, visitors won’t see the H1, but it stays in tact for the search engine bots.

    Therefore I’m looking for a solution where the H1 disappears altogether.



    Hey AllinS.

    MAYBE this plugin can help? I use a FREE Plugin “All in One SEO Pack” by Michael Torbert

    This Plugin will allow you to change your “Home Title” Which I am guessing is your H1 and it will also allow you to change your “Home Description” which will change your excerpt in the Google Results to whatever you want. You can also change and add “Home Page” meta keywords as well.

    What other SEO Plugins are you using, maybe I can give you some more suggestiosn for your SEO.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Be careful with the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin. It is extremely buggy.



    Hey Kenn – Thanks for that feedback bro! I have been using All in One SEO Pack ever since I launched my site and have not had any problems, what kind of probles/bugs have you seen?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Check around on the forum (use the Google search, maybe?). I should have been keeping track, but this plugin has caused a lot of people a lot of issues. You may be the lucky one.



    Thanks markchoo and Kenneth for your suggestions. I’m already using the All in One SEO pack, and I am not experiencing any difficulties. The “Home Title” in the pack is not used for the H1 though.

    So the question remains: how to delete the -by Graphene generated- H1 of the homepage altogether?





    Syahir Hakim

    So the question remains: how to delete the -by Graphene generated- H1 of the homepage altogether?

    In version 1.7.1, the markup will be removed when you disable the header text.

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