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  • Andreas Peters


    Hi all,

    i’m using the slider:

    I used a plugin and deleted the following settings in the wp_options table:







    Obviously one of it was responsible for the “fade out” option of the graphene slider. Now it simply doesn’t work. I’m using the horizontal scroll option right now. What can i do to reinstall the “Fade out” option? I can handle an sql editor.

    tx 4 help… shame on me… :-(….


    Syahir Hakim


    Nope, Graphene does not store those kind of data in the database, especially not for slider. If it doesn’t work after you’ve deleted those entries, the error is probably somewhere else.

    Andreas Peters


    Only the one option “fade out” does not work. The others do. Would a reinstall help?

    Andreas Peters


    I swithed to the “fade out” option right now. As you can see, the screen simply goes blank.

    Andreas Peters


    Interesting: I deactivated the “Clean Options” Plugin… and the “Fade Out” option works again. Why ever….



    I am not very knowledge with a slider. I am having issues with pic fitting within the space and basically everything to get a nice slider. I need to update my slider but am having issues. As anyone made a youtube video that walks you through the slider on this theme. If someone has time to help me redo my slider I would appreciate.


    Kenneth John Odle


    @ larryntx:

    Please don’t hijack someone else’s thread, especially one that has been marked “Resolved”. Please feel free to create your own thread.

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