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    I think I deleted the Slider code when I first started using this template. What is the code and where do I put it in??

    Thanks so much!



    Moved to Graphene WordPress theme forum since it is not a Graphene Mobile theme related question.

    Which file did you edit to remove slider code? theme-slider.php?



    I have no idea but I was messing around in the actual code (no idea what I am doing so that was the wrong place for me to be) The reason I think I deleted something in the code is that the posts slider is no longer on my homepage and I have all the setting correct in the graphene options for the slider but it is still not there. There is not even a space on the home page for where it should be.



    Then it’s better to replace the Graphene Theme directory on your site with a fresh copy –



    I would rather not reload the theme because I have changed other stuff in it that I do not want to lose such as margins and fonts and the placements of things and the footers. Is there a way that I can just paste the original slider code back in to the CSS?I just need to know what the code is and where to place it.




    I did it and it worked!! THANK YOU!! 🙂

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