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    Hello. My english is not the very best, so my search for the problem wasn`t successful. I want to delete the Pagetitle, or hide them so that the text of the article has more place from the top of the side. I found some ideas to change the page.php, but i could not find such a file. br jogger


    Kenneth John Odle



    Do you mean the title on each post or on each page?

    You don’t need to alter php files to hide titles. You can use the following Custom CSS

    .post-title, .entry-title, .post-meta {display:none}

    .post-title, .entry-title {display:none} will eliminate the entry title.

    .post-meta {display:none} will eliminate the tag and author information at the top of the post.

    And as per the forum rules be sure to include a link to your page.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!




    Thank you very much. I meant the Page-Title (the names from the Navbar-Buttons, wich are shown on top of the page)



    Thanks! This also helped me!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Maybe try “Graphene Options >> Display >> Header Display Options” and then tick the box that says “Hide the top bar” ?

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