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  • rhinoblues


    I’m trying to edit the custom header image (since it doesn’t automatically scale down like the Jetpack mobile theme), but I can’t seem to get the right width (so it’ll show up without any background). Can you let me know what that pixel width is? (and possibly look at the jetpack mobile theme to see how it handles the header images for a future release)


    Syahir Hakim


    There is no one right width, since different devices have different widths. It is for this reason that we’ve suggested that you use a header image that blends into the background colour.

    As for JetPack, what it does is that it serves your desktop theme header image in its original size, and then scale it down to the full width of the device using CSS. This is very simple to do (and frankly quite lazy), but it also means that your mobile visitors will have to download the full-size image only to get it scaled down on their end using CSS. This wastes bandwidth, and images that are scaled down that way can have unintended artifacts due to the rescaling.

    The Graphene Mobile Neo’s separate header image implementation is far superior to that, in that it allows you to create a completely different header image that you can tailor for your site to display on mobile devices. But you made a good point as well, that ideally if you choose so you should be able to upload images big enough to cover all the bases.

    We’ll make improvements on that front in future update.

    Keep in mind though that some devices with a full HD display will need an image as wide as 1920px to be displayed fully when in landscape mode – this is far bigger than any header image you’ll ever use on a desktop theme, and will have a big file size as well.


    OK it’s done. You’ll see this in the next update, soon.



    So, am I able now to upload an image that will automatically scale itself to the different devices?

    Cause now my header looks good on iPhone 4 but looks ridiculously small on iPad.




    Syahir Hakim


    No, the theme will never upscale images. But if you use an image that’s wider than the device’s dimension, it’ll downscale it to fit the device’s width.



    Ok, worked fine for me!

    Thanks Syahir.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, this feature is now available in the latest version 1.2 of the theme.

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